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Full-time women workers’ earnings are only about 85% of their male counterparts’ earnings—even after factoring in qualifications such as education and experience. The gender pay gap is even greater for African-American and Hispanic-American women, earning 62% and 61%, respectively, of what their white male counterparts earn. It is passed time to end such disparities in treatment between men and women. Therefore, the DCDC supports: 

●  Ending the earnings “Gender Gap” by legislation. We support H.R. 7- Paycheck Fairness Act- passed US House. This legislation is one of the few on the federal level that provides real solutions to the gender gap issue by creating grants and tightening regulations. We support PA House Bill 166- Equal Pay Legislation, an amendment to the PA Equal Pay Law aiming to reach goals similar to H.R. 7.

● Stronger legislation to reduce sexual harassment. The “Me Too” movement has been a vital and pivotal force in the professional world for ensuring that men and women are treated equally, fairly, and with respect. Since the start of the movement, several pieces of legislation have been creatively drafted to hold sexual harassers and abusers accountable. We support these pieces of legislation (and more) at the federal level: H.R. 36, H.R. 1829, S. 574, and H.R. 1521. We support these pieces of legislation (and more) at the state level: House Bill 495, Senate Bill 480, House Bill 1000, and House Bill 755.

●  Ensuring that female reproductive rights are protected and determined by a woman and her doctor. We specifically support PA Governor Tom Wolf and PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro for working diligently and passionately for women on this issue.

●  Funding Planned Parenthood (PP). Only a small percentage of the services provided by Planned Parenthood are abortion services; regardless of this fact, we support protecting Planned Parenthood because it helps women of all backgrounds. It is a woman’s choice whether she utilizes any PP services and a matter of her own rights and privacy.

● Ensuring all policies and practices show zero toleration for violence against women. We support strict accountability legislation. 35% of women have experienced some kind of violence in their lives.  This issue is a matter of life or death and should be treated as such. 

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