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2019 Candidates

If you are interested in running for a position the time to start preparing is now to make sure you have plenty of time to start campaigning.

Superior Court Candidates

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Amanda is running for Superior Court because she knows the importance of checks and balances, and judicial integrity. Amanda has the compassion and the experience to join the court ensuring a valuable work ethic and understanding of judicial process. “There should never be an attitude of ‘less important’ cases, each case deserves a complete meritorious review.” Amanda is a precision driven attorney who works on behalf of working families. She will always bring a well formulated, reasoned arguments to the court, it is what she does everyday.

Judge McCaffery began working for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office in 1991. He was a prosecutor assigned to the Major Crime Unit. During his time in the District Attorney’s office, he prosecuted an excess of 50 jury trials and over 1000 bench trials. He left the District Attorney’s office in 1997 and joined Friedman, Schuman, P.C.  where he was Chairman of the commercial litigation department.

Judge McCaffery ran for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in 2013. Winning the seat on the bench as the second highest vote-getter in the general election. Currently serving as a Trial Judge assigned to one of the busiest trial divisions in Pennsylvania, Judge McCaffery has presided over thousands of trials.

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Dauphin County Commissioner Candidates

George P. Hartwick, III and “hard work” have always gone hand in hand. Growing up in the blue-collar town of Steelton, he witnessed a fundamental truth: the strongest steel has endured the hottest fires.  He also saw the beauty and strength in uniting many cultures in one town’s tapestry.

From new bridge and housing projects and a deliberate focus on cultural inclusion to cutting-edge strategies to cope with mental illness in prison, the opioid epidemic, families in crisis and more, George has a passion for ideas and innovations that transform lives –and those transformations are occurring.

Georges Focus on Criminal Justice Reform has led to the county changing the way it handles those entering and in the system. A new evaluation system separates those who pose a risk from those who can be released and, if needed start receiving drug or mental health treatment. Expanded treatment and counseling programs for those in prison and about to be released address the root cause of criminal behavior, breaking the cycle of arrest and re-arrest.

Ensuring our children have a healthy start in life is another priority for George. Making sure children have access to quality preschool programs that get them ready to succeed in school is a main component of the county's early intervention initiative. By the end of the year the county will be working with more than 450 at-risk children and families and by 2023 plans to increase that outreach to 2,342 children and families. 

Fulfilling his trademark "Hard work is the Hartwick way" mantra, the time and energy he expended on behalf of the Dauphin County Democratic Committee earned him the chairman;s award in 2014 and 2015-16. 

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Diane Bowman has been politically active for 38 years having served as a volunteer, election board worker, county committee person, area leader, county party education chair, secretary, political Vice Chair, Administrative Vice Chair, County Chairwoman, Democratic State Committee Member, Democratic National Convention Delegate, PA Democratic Party Interim deputy Executive Director, PA Democratic Party Executive Director, Co-Chair of the PA Democratic Committee's Bylaws Committee.

In addition, Diane was the special election candidate for the 104th state house in January of 1996. In 2000, Diane was elected as a township Commissioner and was elected 3 times to 4-year terms. She served as the President of the Board of Commissioners at the end of 2010 for 13 months and was instrumental in passing a township human relation commission ordinance to add local protections for the LGBT Community. Her township was the first suburban community in the state to pass such local protections and only the 25th overall.

Diane has enjoyed many "1st's" in her Political career she was the first woman, Democratic or otherwise to be elected as Susquehanna Township Commissioner from her ward. She was the 1st woman candidate for her state house sea. Diane was the 1st Democrat woman President of her Township Board of Commissioners. She was also the 1st Democratic County Chairwoman and was instrumental in turning her county, which hosts the capital of the state, Harrisburg, to a democratic majority in June of 2008.

Married to a retired ironworker from local 404 for 37 years until her husband's death in a motorcycle accident in June of 2016, Diane has raised 3 children, has 14 Grandchildren and 4 Great-Grandchildren. Her past employment includes working for her family owned produce and seafood business, M & S Distributing Company in Harrisburg. She was a real estate agent, rental agent and property manager for 17 years, was employed as a liquid fuels field auditor for the Department of the Auditor General for 7 - Years until her resignation to become the Executive Director of the State Party, was Communications Director for Seui 668, and a temporary employee for a PA AFL-CIO during their convention in 2018. She is currently retired.

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Clerk of Courts Candidates

Brad Koplinksi is offering his experience and background to serve Dauphin County as it's Clerk of Court. As a Harrisburg city Councilman, he fought for taxpayers by pushing back on the Wall Street and the commonwealth to help achieve a solid plan to put our capital city back on it's feet financially. In that office he also helped guide smart investment in the city, which added to the county's tax base, wrote laws that helped protect animals, and helped ensure the health safety and welfare of out citizens. 

As an attorney Brad has worked at the civil rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where he focused on issues surrounding the civil rights of institutionalized person act (CRIPA) and investigated practices in correction facilities throughout our nation. He also helped enforce the police misconduct provisions of the 1994 Federal Crime Act. Brad has also performed significant pro bono work with the greater Harrisburg YWCA's Domestic Violence Legal Center, For which he received the pro bono attorney of the year award from the Pennsylvania Bar Association. 

Additionally, Brad has been a policy analyst for the Department of the Auditor General and helped to protect taxpayer money from waste and abuse. He has also long been involved in our county and commonwealth's Democratic party having managed campaigns on all levels most recently George Scott's effort for Congress last year.


The Clerk of Courts maintains and processes all of the county's criminal court records. This includes requests to expunge records of people who have made mistakes and are now trying to move on with their lives, but are being held back. Brad is dedicated to making sure that these requests are processed as soon as possible so those who are currently unable to apply for certain jobs or advanced schooling can do so without their record hanging over them. He will personally review each request so that applicants will know within days whether they will be able to take steps to get their life back and help their families and our community. Brad will also use this position to work with county law enforcement officials to initiate criminal justice reform in Dauphin County and at the same time, take measures to keep our county safe. 

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Register of Wills Candidates

Bridget M. Whitley, Esq. is the Dauphin County Democratic Committee Endorsed Candidate for Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphan's Court. 

Bridget will bring to this office a lengthy record of professional experience in the areas of estate administration and Orphans Court matters. She has concentrated her practice in the areas of estate planing and trust and estate administration. She has handled estate administrations in at least 18 Pennsylvania and 5 Florida counties, and Orphans' Court litigation in 5 Pennsylvania counties. With this Breadth of experience, she can import the best practices from a variety of jurisdictions to Dauphin County.

She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from Penn State, a juris doctor degree from Temple University and a Masters of Law Degree in Estate Planning from the University of Miami Florida. Currently, Whitley is of Counsel at Skalatoszonarich LLC, Harrisburg. A member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, she is past chair of the real property probate and trust law section and a former section delegate to the Pennsylvania Bar Association House of Delegates. 

Bridget Believes that the Register of Wills office can be more than just an administrative office. It can serve a public education function through the sponsorship of free programs on such topics as organ and tissue donation, end of life decision-making and the role of the Register and Clerk in the Administration of Estates. These offices can also foster mediation of estate disputes among family members in order to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

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Recorder of Deeds Candidates

Cole Davis Goodman is in the Vanguard of the New Generation of Political Leaders in Pennsylvania. 

Young, energetic and full of innovative ideas, Goodman has already become a force for progressive ideas and positive change in public service. He is an inspiration to residents who are ready to dust off the cobwebs and reinvigorate county government at every level.

Cole has led his own successful campaigns for public office -- Winning election to the Susquehanna Township School Board in 2013, and elected to Democratic State Committee in 2018, where he serves on the executive board.

As Recorder of Deeds, Cole will help Dauphin County residents take advantage of property tax reductions, as well as safeguard Dauphin County's "Land Library," and preserve Dauphin County's history! Cole will work with municipalities throughout the county to protect residents from fraud, as well as ensure veterans are aware they have access to same day ID discount cards and military discharge documents. Cole will work with Municipalities to introduce a new tracking service to combat ghost ownership throughout the county to protect the value of our homes in Dauphin County


Cole is proud to have the endorsement of lieutenant Gov. John Fetterman, Auditor General Eugene Depasquale, and elected officials throughout Dauphin County. 

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County Treasurer Candidates

Social and progressive Democrat, Tim Butler, 28 of Susquehanna Township is running for Dauphin County Treasurer. Butler's first electoral win was being a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2016 representing the old 4th Congressional District. He was also representing Bernie Sanders and the Teamsters Local 775 Union. He was an intern for former Congressman Joe Sestak's 2016 senate Race. Butler has been a campaign manager and advisor for both Rob Myers' and Jill Linta's 2018 Campaigns in the 106th Legislative District.

Butler is a Native of Portland, Oregon where he studied Agriculture and Farming Sciences at Portland Community College. When he moved to Pennsylvania in 2012 he changed his studies to Political Science, Public Administration, and Public Policy at Penn State Harrisburg. Butler was a volunteer for Bernie Sanders for President since March of 2015.

In his youth, Butler interned for local city government in the Transportation Division. He has been alert of politics ever since the disastrous Bush v. Gore Supreme Court Decision in 2000. He also knows how much real Democratic change is needed in Dauphin County. He hopes to see you on the campaign trail this year and at the ballot box November 5th.

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Derry Township Supervisor

  • Fight to ensure that living in Derry Township remains affordable for all residents.

  • Mindfully protect seniors on a fixed income and working-class families by striving to create a property tax rebate program to off-set impact of recent tax increases.

  • Ensure that the community is engaged in any new development proposals and make sure that all development is thoughtful. 

  • Increase accountability to the residents of Derry Township by implementing tighter fiscal controls.  The first step is to construct an affordable community center for the recreational needs of the township.

  • Establish better guidelines for maintenance of township roads and facilities, along with improved traffic control for better flow and safety.

  • Support responsible and measured growth which preserves the township’s unique history.

Derry Township School Director

  • Running for a 2nd term on the Derry Township School Board after 4 years as School Director and two years as Board President.

  • Committed to increasing school safety, removing barriers to student success, and promoting equity while providing quality public education with fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers and community.  

  • Licensed social worker, community college instructor, local business owner, and mother.

  • Current School Board Vice President.

  • Longtime Derry Township Resident, Parent, Business Owner, and Hershey Graduate.

  • Over a decade of community service and proven leadership experience.

Lower Swatara Township Commissioner

  • Danielle is a wife, mom of two boys (Roman and Jett), and is the Creative Director for the PA Senate Democrats. 

  • She believes strongly in women's rights, social justice, and government accountability and transparency. 

  • A graduate of Millersville University, she's a proud South Central Pennsylvanian, and is running to ensure a fair and bright future for our next generation and because the board in Lower Swatara hasn't had a woman or Democrat serve in decades.

Central Dauphin School Director (Region 1) 

  • Will fight against future tax increases.

  • Will work with other school board members to assure our children in Region 1 are given the same access to education/opportunities as students in the other regions of the district.

  • Counseling services - will work with the other board members to make sure students know what services are available to support them and will listen when they tell us what could be improved.

Swatara Township Commissioner

Middletown Area School Director 

​Jennifer Scott

Middletown Borough Council

Ellen Willenbecher

Angela Lloyd

Michael Woodworth

Phyllis J. Dew

Penbrook Boro Council (1st Ward)

Robin A. Dry

Penbrook Boro Council (4th Ward)

James Armbruster 

Susquehanna Township Commissioner

Jody L. Rebarchak (Ward 1)

Martin Williams (Ward 2)

Steven C. Napper (Ward 9)

Susquehanna Township School Director 

Kyla Harvey

Ilecia Voughs

Steelton Boro Council

Keontay Hodge

William yogi Jones

Mike Segina

Denae A. House

Steelton-Highspire School Director

Hudaya B. House

Karen Harris 

Harrisburg City Council

Danielle L. Bowers

Westburn Majors

Dave Madsen 

Harrisburg City Treasurer

Dan Miller

Harrisburg City School Director

Jayne M. Buchwach

Steven Williams

James R. Thompson

Gerald Welch

Doug Thompson Leader 

County Positions Open:

The clerk of court is an officer of the court and an independently elected official serving a four-year term. The main office is primarily responsible for recording, maintaining, and processing criminal and juvenile records for the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas. Other responsibilities include assessing court imposed costs and fines, and licensing private detectives. Administrative duties include preparing prison commitments, bail, processing motions and petitions, summary appeals, and appeals to the PA Superior and Supreme Courts.

The Board of Commissioners is the legislative and administrative body of county government. Each commissioner is elected to a four-year term. The Commissioners oversee the county's employees, the budget, and the administration of county programs.

The Dauphin County District Attorney is elected to a four-year term as the chief law enforcement officer in the county. The District Attorney oversees an office of 30 prosecutors, 12 detectives, and over 20 support personnel, which handles over 7,500 cases each year in the County Court of Common Pleas and the appellate courts.


The Dauphin County Recorder of Deeds Office presents the information on this web site as a service to the public. The official records of the Dauphin County Recorder of Deeds are located in the Dauphin County Recorder of Deeds Office.

The Dauphin County Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court is a dual officeholder who is elected to a four-year term. 
The primary duties of the Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court Division include:

  1. Granting Letters Testamentary (with a will) or Letters of Administration (without a will) to qualified individuals for deceased residents of Dauphin County. 

  2. Acting as Agent for the Collection of Inheritance Taxes for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Revenue.

  3. Processing Applications For and Issuance Of Marriage Licenses

  4. Maintaining Dockets and Files for Adoptions, Incapacitated Persons, and the Appointment of Guardians.

The Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court office is the official record keeping office of birth and death records from 1893 through 1906 and also maintains all marriage licenses from 1887 to the present. As such, this office is a valuable resource for genealogical information.  

The Dauphin County Sheriff's Department is an arm of the Court. The Sheriff, elected to a four-year term, oversees the transporting of prisoners from the Dauphin County Prison to the Courthouse, securing the interior of the courtroom, and serving court papers. The Sheriff also protects citizens from dangerous prisoners and safeguards against escapes. Additionally, the Sheriff also issues permits to citizens wishing to carry a concealed gun.

The Treasurer's Office is the custodian of county funds and is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes, fees, receipts, and grants payable to the County. The Treasurer's Office also invests funds in local banks and other financial institutions in cooperation with the Office of Budget and Finance and with the approval of the County Commissioners.

Dauphin County Open Municipal Offices: 

School Board Member 

Township Supervisor

City Council Member

Township Commissioner

District Justice


Borough Council