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What We Do

The Democratic Party is committed to building a strong economy, keeping America safe, and expanding

opportunities for every American. Our agenda

stresses strong economic growth; affordable

healthcare for all Americans; retirement security;

open, honest, and accountable government; quality

public education; and the securing of a safe nation while protecting our civil rights and liberties.

The Dauphin County Democratic Committee mobilizes         

in all 40 municipalities in Dauphin County. We work hard for working people. We support our Democratic candidates and our incumbent party members in the     

House and Senate. Together, we can protect the   

Democratic Party's historic reforms and the progress we   

have made to move the country forward. We are the 

Party of diversity and inclusion, so the doors of the Dauphin County Democratic Committee are open to anyone willing to work with us to achieve Democratic victories at all levels of government.

The men and women who represent the Dauphin County Democratic Committee work hard year-round in communities, the government, and local organizations, building support for our candidates and the Democratic Agenda to benefit all Americans.


Dauphin County Democratic Committee

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