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Meet the


June 11, 2014, was a historic election for the Dauphin County Democratic Committee (DCDC). Rogette Nicole Harris is the youngest woman and 1st African American to be elected as Chair of the committee. In addition, in 2018, Rogette was unanimously re-elected Chair and is currently the only African-American county chair in the entire state of Pennsylvania. She is also the first Chair to have a permanent headquarters for the Democratic Party in Dauphin County.

Born and raised in Dauphin County, Rogette has over a decade of research and policy experience. Educationally, she has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh, dual Master degrees in Public Administration and Business Administration, which she completed in Washington D.C. She is one of 55 women nationally and abroad to be accepted into the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University in 2007.

Rogette's passion has always been to help others through public service and to create policies that help people's lives for the better.  As the first African-American woman elected State President of the National Women’s Political Caucus in Pennsylvania, Rogette has worked tirelessly

on gender equality issues such as pay equity, healthcare costs such as access to contraceptives and cancer screenings, domestic violence and sexual assault, and flex time/maternity leave rights.


As a freelance writer, Rogette writes for 3 publications, which includes a community columnist for Central Pennsylvania's regional paper the Patriot News/Pennlive.com, and has had research published entitled: "Long-Term Government Funded Problems: A Study of Their Impact on Poverty in the United States." Furthermore former Governor Ed. Rendell nominated Rogette to participate in the American Council of Young Political Leaders, International Political Exchange Program. In 2016, Rogette was chosen as a 'Woman of Excellence' by the Greater Harrisburg YWCA. She was also a delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Secretary Hillary Clinton.


Rogette’s vision for the DCDC includes building up local communities through education by starting a local government training institute. She also wants to provide quarterly training sessions for committee people, volunteers, and candidates. In addition, Rogette wants to implement an aggressive GOTV plan while building a strong grassroots organization; as well as to elect more officials on the municipality level, which will make the DCDC's political strength even stronger.  Rogette’s vision also includes having issue forums to get voters more involved with the Democratic Party. Rogette completed a large goal of hers two years into her chairmanship when she opened the first permanent Headquarters in Dauphin County.


Rogette's main goal is to grow a top notch grassroots organization in Dauphin County to get Democratic candidates elected. The committee person is the most important person in the Democratic political structure. These individuals are the strength of the Democratic Party and are instrumental in developing a strong get out the vote campaign (GOTV).