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Executive Committee

The Dauphin County Executive Board Committee consists of the elected County Committee Officers, members of the State Committee from Dauphin County, one member elected from each Legislative House district in Dauphin County by the committee people thereof, chairpersons of all Standing Committees of the organization, and duly elected local Democratic Committee Chairpersons, all of whom are voting members.

The officers and members of the County Executive Board Committee shall perform such duties as designated by the Chairperson to effect an efficient organization. Additional County Executive Board Committee members include Democratic elected officials to include County Commissioners, PA State Legislators who reside in Dauphin County, and the Mayor of the City of Harrisburg, who are all ex-officio members; Parliamentarian, Sergeant-At-Arms, Union Liaison and any other appointments by the Chairperson, who are all non-voting members.


Documents for Members:

DCDC Rules

Blank Proxy Form

Committee Members

Chairwoman: Rogette N. Harris
1st Vice Chair (Political): Cole Goodman

Liaison to State Government: Patty Kim

Liaison to State Government: Justin Fleming

Liaison to State Government: David Madsen
Liaison to County Government: George P. Hartwick III

Liaison to County Government: Justin Douglas

Liaison to County Government: Bridget Whitley
Liaison to City Government: Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams

Legislative District 103 Leader: Ellis Roy
Legislative District 104 Leader: Shaela Ellis
Legislative District 105 Leader: Jon Antoun
Legislative District 106 Leader: James Carter
Legislative District 125 Leader: Deb Libby

                                                  Tasha James

State Committee: Rogette N. Harris
State Committee: Peggy Grove
State Committee: Phyllis Bennett

State Committee: Gloria Martin-Roberts
State Committee: Cole Goodman

State Committee: Alex Reber

Derry Township Committee Chair: Tracy Brown

Rules Chair: Peter Marks

VoteBuilder Administrator: Pam Zidik
Voter Registration Chair: Carl Hisiro

Credentials Chair: Cathy O'Sick

Communications Chair: Deborah Robinson

Elections Chair: Kelly Summerford

Headquarters Chair: Jay Purdy

Platform Chair: Steve Loux

Candidates Committee Chair: Jack Garner

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