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Sexual orientation and gender should be immaterial under the law. The treatment that these people have received over time has been nothing short of horrendous, and they are still fighting to be treated equally and with dignity. Therefore, the DCDC supports:  

● PA Senate Bill 224; reform of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to include sexual orientation.

● H. R. 5 and S. 788, The Equality act- Passed in Federal House; addresses discrimination based on sexual orientation, identity, and sexuality on a national level. If this passes, every LGBTQ+ person would finally be protected by law to its fullest extent.

●  Oppose attempts to permit discrimination on the basis of “religious liberty.” This includes supporting upholding the Supreme Court’s decision on Obergefell v. Hodges.

● Support policies to ensure students can attend school without fear of bullying, and work to reduce suicides. 

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